Choosing an API

The Three APIs

There are three APIs that we offer. One is for getting offers for a specific user of an offer wall. The second API is for simply retrieving a list of all of our offers. The third API is for creating profiles for users and retrieving surveys that a user qualifies for based on their profile.

The Offer Wall API

The Offer Wall API always requires that you pass to it the ID of your user; this is the value you would provide for the subid1 parameter in all the calls of the Offer Wall API. The Offer Wall API is helpful if your application has a login and you want to track which users complete which offers or give points to users for completing offers, as our Offer Wall API also has endpoints for retrieving how many points a user has, adjusting the points a user has, and retrieving a history of the offers a user has completed. To use the other endpoints you would simply provide the user id in the subid1 field of those endpoints.

For example:

To get offers for a specific user (the list of offers they haven’t already completed):
use the get offers endpoint of the Offer Wall API

To get the history of the offers a user has completed or the amount of points the user has earned:
use the transaction history endpoint of the Offer Wall API

To manually adjusted a user’s point earnings (for example to deduct points when the user makes a purchase with their points):
use the create user transaction endpoint of the Offer Wall API

If the user is having trouble with an offer or believe they didn’t get credited properly we even have a support ticket API that will let our account managers handle the request:

Some of our Offer Wall API publishers use all of those endpoints, and others just use a few depending on what functionality they handle themselves in their own system (for example they may have their own system handled by their own account managers for handling offer support tickets, or their own system for crediting and deducting credits from users).

The Offers API

The Offer API serves a bit different purpose than the Offer Wall API. The Offers API isn’t concerned with a specific user. Its job is more purely just to get the offers from our system and let you handle it from there, so there is no subid1 URL parameter to pass in the user ID.

The Market Research API

The Market Research API is used to get high paying survey offers for your individual users. Users must answer a number of qualifying questions before you will be able to pull the surveys.
1) You must create a Survey User Profile for each user that wants to view and complete surveys.
2) You can retrieve the surveys for a users profile with our get surveys call.
You also have the ability to view and create transactions in a similar way to our Offer Wall API.