Get Profile Details

Market Research API Parameters

API parameters pubID, profileID, and api_key can be found on the Integration page. The link is located next to your profile at Your Market Research Profiles.

If you would like us to notify you whenever an offer is completed (lead generated), set up a server postback.

Get Profile Details

This API endpoint returns details for a Market Research profile you set up in our dashboard, click here to set one up or view your existing Market Research profiles

To find your publisher ID or the profile ID for a profile, go to the profiles page and click the “Integration" link across from the profile name.

Response 404 when profileID doesn't exist for the specified pubID.


Parameters   Description Type
pubId Required Your publisher ID Number
profileId Required Your Market Research profile ID Number

Response 200

Content-Type: application/json

  "profile": {
    "publisher_id": 40035,
    "profile_id": 64,
    "settings": {
      "name": "testmarkets",
      "exchange_rate": 5