Create Survey User Profile

Market Research API Parameters

API parameters pubID, profileID, and api_key can be found on the Integration page. The link is located next to your profile at Your Market Research Profiles.

If you would like us to notify you whenever an offer is completed (lead generated), set up a server postback.

Create Survey User Profile

Allows you to create a user profile which can then be used to pull qualified surveys for a user.

  • Request must be made securely over SSL (HTTPS).
  • You must set the Content-Type header to 'application/json'.
  • The parameters below must be passed in the request body as a JSON string

Response 400 when validation failed.

Response 409 when user profile already exists for the provided pubId profileId subId1 or provided email is already associated with existing user profile.


Example JSON Body Request:

  "api_key" : "API_KEY_HERE",
  "first_name": "MyName",
  "last_name": "LastName",
  "address1": "123 Oak St",
  "address2": "Apt 22",
  "email": "",
  "gender": "m",
  "dob": "1990-08-27",
  "city": "Austin",
  "state": "TX",
  "country": "US",
  "zip": "78701-0233", // Or 78701
  "target_system_selected": [51, 52],
  "answers": {
    "1": [1],
    "2": [11],
    "3": [19],
    "4": [31],
    "5": [32],
    "6": [61],
    "7": [88],
    "8": [89, 90],
    "9": [109],
    "11": [112]
Parameters   Description Type
api_key Required Your Market Research Profile's API Key. It can be found on the integration page of Your Market Research Profile String
pubId Required Your publisher ID Number
profileId Required Your Market Research profile ID Number
subid1 Required Your user's primary unique identifier. Maximum length of 60. String
email Required Email of user. Maximum length of 80. It should be valid email address. Example: String
first_name Required First Name of user. Maximum length of 40. String
last_name Required Last Name of user. Maximum length of 40. String
gender Required Possible values "m" or "f" String
target_system_selected Required Array of ID's of selected target devices. 51 = iPhone, 52 = iPad, 40 = Android Phone or Tablet, 58 = Computer or Laptop, 57 = Game Console, 59 = Portable Gaming, 60 = Kindle, 61 = Voice Assistant, Empty for None of the Above Example: [40, 52] Array
dob Required Date of birth. Format: YYYY-MM-DD Example: 2015-07-22 String
address1 Required Address line 1. Maximum length of 70. String
address2 Optional Address line 2. Maximum length of 70. String
city Required Name of city. Maximum length of 50. String
state Required Name of state. Maximum length of 50. String
country Required Name of country. Use 2 letter country code; see options: Example: US String
zip Required The field may have alpha-numeric characters, as well as dashes and underscores. Maximum length of 10. String
ip Optional This field contains end user ip. String
answers Required The parameter contains an object of question ids and their answers option ids. Related to household income question (id: 3), we need to send the option data as per the country where user belongs to. Click here to view the table for question and answer id references. Example: answers: {1: "4", 2: "9", 3: "17", 4: "30", 5: "32", 6: "44", 7: "87", 8: ["89"], 9: "99", 11: "112"} Object

Response 201

Content-Type: application/json