Create User Transactions

Offer Wall API Parameters

API parameters pubID, adwallID, and api_key can be found via the "API Details" link next to your profile at Your Offer Wall Profiles.

If you would like us to notify you whenever an offer is completed (lead generated), set up a server postback.

Create User Transactions

Adds or deducts credits to a user’s account. This method can be called to manually adjust the credits a user has in our system. Credits earned for completing offers are added automatically; you will only need to make this call if you want to manually adjust the credits a user has, for example when credits are redeemed or when you want to credit them for any reason outside of when they are automatically credited for completing offers. Request must be made securely over SSL (HTTPS).

Response 400 when required parameter not provided.

Response 401 when API key is invalid or has not been provided.

Response 404 when adwallId doesn't exist for the pubId specified.

POST:{pubId}/profile/{adwallId}/user/{subid1}/transactions.json?api_key={api_key}&currency_adjustment={15.5}&description={Verified email address.}

Parameters   Description Type
pubId Required Your publisher ID Number
adwallId Required Your Offer Wall profile ID Number
subid1 Required Your user's primary unique identifier. Maximum length of 60. String
api_key Required Found in your publisher dashboard Number
currency_adjustment Required Example: 15.5 Number
description Optional Example: Verified email address. String

Response 201

Content-Type: application/json

  "transaction_id": 123456777

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