Target Platform Filter

Adscend Offers API Parameters

Your publisher ID pubID, and API Key api_key values are needed for every API call.
These values can be found at Offers API section of the publisher dashboard.

If you would like us to notify you whenever an offer is completed (lead generated), set up a server postback.

Filtering Offers by Target Platform

Using the target_system URL parameter you can filter the offers returned by our API to only offers that are available for a certain target platform.

Response 204 when no offers are available for the given parameters.
Response 400 when required parameter not provided.
Response 403 when apikey doesn't match the pubID specified.


Parameters   Description Type
pubId Required Your publisher ID Number
target_system Optional Filter offers by target system. Possible values are 10 = Windows: All, 11 = Windows: IE, 12 = Windows: Firefox, 13 = Windows: Chrome, 18 = Windows: FF or Chrome, 19 = Windows: All But Chrome, 20 = Mac: All, 30 = Any Mobile: All, 40 = Android: All, 50 = iOS: All, 51 = iOS: iPhone, 52 = iOS: iPad Array

Response 200

Content-Type: application/json

    "offers": [{

        "offer_id": 225,
        "name": "Proflowers US",
        "adlock_name": "Flowers from $19.99 + S&H with a free vase from Proflowers!",
        "adwall_name": "ProFlowers",
        "description": "Flowers from $19.99 + S&H with a free vase from Proflowers!",
        "adlock_description": "Order beautiful Flowers from Pro Flowers for any occassion! Credits are awarded with flowers ship, no cancellations.",
        "allowed_traffic": "incent",
        "preview_url": "",
        "end_date": "0000-00-00 00:00:00",
        "target_system": 50,
        "conversion_notes": "Credits are awarded with flowers ship, no cancellations.",
        "conversion_point": 4,
        "cost_to_user": -1,
        "video_url": null,
        "video_streaming_url": null,
        "video_streaming_ios_url": null,
        "leads_remaining": 0,
        "daily_lead_cap": null,
        "payout": 5.65,
        "payout_custom": 0,
        "stats_pending_network": 1,
        "epc_network": null,
        "conversion_rate_network": null,
        "stats_pending_adlock": 1,
        "epc_adlock": null,
        "conversion_rate_adlock": null,
        "stats_pending_adwall": 1,
        "epc_adwall": 2.13,
        "conversion_rate_adwall": 0.65,
        "start_date": "2015-02-09 13:51:40",
        "product_id": [4],
        "category_id": [21],
        "countries": ["US", "IT", "AU"],
        "creatives": [{

            "id": 772,
            "camp_id": 225,
            "image_filename": "225-772.gif",
            "width": 125,
            "height": 125,
            "type": 1,
            "active": 1,
            "code": "",
            "tracking_url": "",
            "url": ""


        "click_url": ""