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Offer Wall API Parameters

API parameters pubID, adwallID, and api_key can be found via the "API Details" link next to your profile at Your Offer Wall Profiles.

If you would like us to notify you whenever an offer is completed (lead generated), set up a server postback.

Get Offers

Retrieves offers for the Offer Wall user. Automatic geographic, language, device, and OS targeting will be performed based on the User-Agent and IP address from the request (can be overridden by using a custom User-Agent header and the ip parameter).

Response 204 when no offers are available for the given parameters.

Response 400 when required parameter not provided.

Response 404 when adwallID doesn't exist for the pubID specified.


Parameters   Description Type
pubId Required Your publisher ID Number
adwallId Required Your Offer Wall profile ID Number
subid1 Required Your user's primary unique identifier. Maximum length of 60. String
subid2 Optional Used for click and lead tracking. Maximum length of 60. String
subid3 Optional Used for click and lead tracking. Maximum length of 60. String
subid4 Optional Used for click and lead tracking. Maximum length of 60. String
limit Optional Used for pagination. All are shown by default. Example: 10 Number
offset Optional Used for pagination. Example: 40 Default: 0 Number
sort_order Optional Possible values are asc and desc. Example: asc Default: desc String
sort_by Optional Possible values are popularity, trending, payout, and credit_delay. Example: popularity Default: popularity String
category_id Optional Filter offers by category. Possible values are 17 = Free, 18 = Mobile Apps, 19 = Videos, 20 = Surveys, 21 = Shopping, 22 = Free Trials, 23 = Downloads, 24= Sign-Ups, 25 = Mobile Subscriptions, and 26 = Co-Registrations. Ex: category_id[]=17&category_id[]=20 Array
featured_only Optional Filter offers by featured. Example: 1 Default: 0 Number
gender Optional Possible values are m and f. Example: m String
age_range_id Optional Possible values are 1 = 18-35, 2 = 35-45, 3 = 45-55, 4 = 55-65, and 5 = 65+. Example: 2 Number
device Optional User's device ID, e.g. Apple IDFA or Android Advertising ID.
Used for click and lead tracking. Maximum length of 60.
device_lat Optional User's device preference to limit advertising tracking. 
Example: true Default: Boolean
ip Optional Simulates IP address of user. Used to display offers available in the resolved country and to exclude offers already completed by the IP. String

Response 200

Content-Type: application/json

  "offers": [
      "offer_id": 1,
      "name": "GoFreeCredit 3-in-1",
      "description": "Know your credit score",
      "requirements": "Submit your email address.", // null = no requirements
      "credit_delay": "0",                          // string; "0" = instant, "2" = number of days, "2-4" = day range, "7" = weekly, "14" = bi-weekly
      "image_url": "",
      "click_url": "",
      "payout": 1.50,
      "currency_count": 380,
      "featured_global": 1,                         // integer; Adscend Media featured
      "featured_profile": 0,                        // integer; Publisher featured for Offer Wall profile
      "epc": 1.54,                                  // 99 = still calculating
      "conversion_rate": "0.484",                   // string; null = still calculating
      "category_id": [18, 22, 23],
      "creative_id": 123,
      "creative_filename": "123-456.gif",
      "mobile_app": {                               // Is set only if offer is a mobile app and is available in its app store.
        "store_id": "com.facebook.katana",          // Unique identifier of the app in its respective app store.
        "platform": 1                               // 1 = Android, 2 = iOS
      "target_system": 30,                          // ignore (used internally)
      "matches_target_system_detected": true,        // ignore (used internally)
      "events": [{                                   // offer events: Array

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