Set Up Your Offer Wall Postback

Adscend Media uses an industry-standard postback which you can use to get notified and reward a user every time the Offer Wall generates a lead. The postback is server-to-server, meaning that every time our platform records a lead, our servers will send a message to your server (at a URL you specify) with URL parameters that contain the relevant information about the lead, such as: what time the lead was generated, which of your users generated the lead, and numerous other optional data points.

Setting up your postback is simple. After logging in, go to the Postback page on the main navigation.Once on this page you can choose to set up global or offer specific postbacks. Simply enter the URL you would like to use, and hit Add postback. For a list of all the data points that our server can send you in a postback, be sure to visit our Variables and Info page.