Offer Wall Integration

Integrate Your Offer Wall

Launching an Offer Wall requires at least 3 parameters or data points: your publisher ID, the Offer Wall ID associated with an Offer Wall profile that you have created, and the unique ID of the user who is using the Offer Wall. The Offer Wall ID you use, along with your publisher ID, you should have retrieved on the last step of the previous page after having setup your Offer Wall profile.

Showing the Offer Wall

Before proceeding make sure you have integrated the SDK in your project.

To display the offer wall, initialize a new offer wall with the values you gathered above for Publisher ID and Offer Wall ID, along with the end user's unique ID for subId1.

static NSString* const publisher_Id = @"32740";
static NSString* const adwall_Id = @"2074";
static NSString* const subId_1 = @"demo_subid1";    

ADOffersViewController* offersVC = [ADOffersViewController newOffersWallForPublisherId:publisher_Id adwallId:adwall_Id subId1:subId_1 delegate:self];
[self presentViewController:offersVC animated:YES completion:nil];

The presenting view controller must conform to ADOffersViewControllerDelegate to receive the close button callback.

- (void)onCloseOffersVCPressed
    [offersVC dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:nil];

Optional Properties

You can use the gender and ageRange properties to get access to more offers for your users.


Options Property Value
male AdGender_Male
female AdGender_Female


Options Property Value
18-35 AdAgeRange_1835
35-45 AdAgeRange_3545
45-55 AdAgeRange_4555
55-65 AdAgeRange_5565
65+ AdAgeRange_65

The remaing optional parameters are subid2, subid3, and subid4. Like subid1 you can set the value of these to whatever you like and are used for tracking. If you had a certain group of users for example (users using a premium version of your app) for which you wanted retrieve stats you could set one of these optional subids to the same value for each of these users. You will then be able to retrieve statistics for this group in the publisher dashboard.

Example Usage

offersVC.ageRange = AdAgeRange_1835;
offersVC.gender = AdGender_Male;
offersVC.subid2 = @"group4";       //special grouping for my paid app users
Need Help With Your Integration?

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