Offer Wall WebView Integration

Integrate Your Offer Wall

Launching an Offer Wall requires at least 3 parameters or data points: your publisher ID, the Offer Wall ID associated with an Offer Wall profile that you have created, and the unique ID of the user who is using the Offer Wall. The Offer Wall ID you use, along with your publisher ID, you should have retrieved on the last step of the previous page after having setup your Offer Wall profile.

Showing the Offer Wall

Integrate the Offer Wall on your website by adding the IFRAME tag shown below wherever you want the Offer Wall displayed. Next, you must insert your user's unique userid in the URL used by the iframe at the end after "subid1=". This allows the Offer Wall to give the user their history of completed offers, remove offers that have already been completed by the user, and allow you to track how much each user has earned and what offers they have completed.

Offer Wall UI

                            <iframe src="{P_ID}/profile/{OW_ID}?subid1={U_ID}" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

A typical PHP implementation would look similar to this:

                            $userID =  getUserIDfromDatabase();

echo "<iframe src='{$pubID}/profile/{$adwID}?subid1={$userID}' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe>";

Supported URL Parameters

All these GET parameters can be added to IFRAME src attribute URL and set in postbacks

Parameter Description Example
subid1 - required Unique identifier of your user and statistics tracker 30217580
subid2 - optional Statistics tracker 1839
subid3 - optional Statistics tracker 3889112
subid4 - optional Statistics tracker ARX123
gender - optional Gender of your user. Possible values: m or f m
age_range_id - optional Age range of your user.
Possible values: 1 = 18-35, 2 = 35-45, 3 = 45-55, 4 = 55-65, 5 = 65+
device - optional Mobile device ID of your user (UUID, Apple IDFA, Google Ad ID, etc.) 2b6f0cc904d137be2e1730235f5664094b823309
category_id - optional The category of offers you want to load by default.
Possible values: 17 = free, 18 = mobile apps, 19 = videos, 20 = surveys, 21 = shopping, 22 = free trials, 23 = downloads, 24 = sign-ups