Common Integration Issues

Offer Wall

No Offers Check you minimum payout and category settings; usually the minimum payout setting is too high and/or too many offers have been excluded in the Offer Wall profile category settings.

Further, the combination of categories and minimum payout may also be limited by the country you are retrieving offers from. We check the IP address of all offer requests against our database of matching countries and automatically filter the list of offers to those that your users are eligible for. Many offers are available in many countries while some are only available in one.

Market Research

Testing your Market Research integration requires creating a profile for a real user. Only profiles of real users will match to available surveys. Made up profiles will not match to surveys and thus no surveys will be retuned in the API response to retrieve surveys.

The following are common problems that arise when testing and their solutions.

No offers returned in the response for the get offers API call Check the status code of the API call for more information

Response 204 when no offers are available for the given parameters.
Response 400 when required parameter not provided.
Response 403 when the API key doesn't match the pubID specified.

If you receive a 204 response there are a few items that could be preventing you from receiving surveys. 1. If you are pulling Market Research offers from within your Offer Wall, check your Minimum Payout setting. It's possible that your Minimum Payout setting is set higher than the payout of any available surveys for your user. 2. You are requesting surveys for a fake user. You must have a real profile to retrieve surveys. Users with non-real addresses, people claiming to be 3yrs old and be a homeowner, etc. will not match to any survey offers.

Getting a 404 when making the Get Profile Details call Getting a 404 for this call usually means the profile cannot be found instead of having the incorrect URL. If you get a 404 it means the user profile wasn't created properly. Revisit here for more information on creating a user profile.

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